3D Printed replacement lawnmower part

3D Quick Printing comes to the rescue again. A recent enquiry to our 3D printing service bureau was from Arthur, a retired but enthusiastic gardener and engineer. His 7 year old Black and Decker petrol lawnmower was beginning to show signs of heavy wear near the grass collection area underneath the handle. It was a part that did not fit anymore affecting the performance of the lawnmower.

Having no luck sourcing a replacement part he turned to the internet hoping to find someone with a similar problem. As look would have it he saw a part almost identical to his that was drawn on the 3D CAD package Sketch-up freely available to download.

This was his first attempt at 3D CAD but he’s the sort of guy who likes to take up a challenge and downloaded the program. Only then, as he explored the program, did he begin to think it might solve this lawnmower problem. After a few hours he began to master the CAD program and the end result being a CAD replica of the part from his lawnmower.

However – the problem is not solved till it’s 3D printed. Where turn to but the friendly advice of 3D Quick Printing. Arthur emailed us his stl data and in no time at all we replied with a competitive quote to 3D print it as our 3D printing service bureau in black ABS plastic to match his lawnmower.

Damaged lawnmower part

The damaged part.

We 3D printed the part in a couple of hours and quickly dispatched it via courier to reach Arthur the very next day.

Replacement 3D part for Lawnmower

The replacement 3D printed part on the left.

Lawnmower part

The 3D printed part fitted to the lawnmower.

As you can see from the pictures the 3D printed part fitted perfectly. It was a great success and Arthur kindly sent us the pictures adding:- “if I need any other bits in future, I’ll know where to go – you guys 3D print parts really quickly…..no wonder you’re called 3D Quick Printing. I’m delighted with the resulting replacement part, and it’s been a pleasure working with you, so I’ll be more than happy to recommend your services.”

3D printed part fitted to the lawnmower

Another picture of the 3D printed part fitted to the lawnmower

So you guys, another happy customer. If you have anything broken or damaged and fancy designing a replacement, follow Arthurs lead and send your CAD data in .stl format to your friendly and informative 3D printing service bureau, 3D Quick Printing.

All we need from you to quote is your .stl files and we’ll provide a quote normally within an hour.

Just to remind you all that at our 3D printing bureau service we only use Professional Stratasys 3D printers that use FDM technology. We have two machines. One is a Dimension Elite 3D printer has a build envelope of 204 x 204 x 305mm and the other is also a Dimension machine that has a bigger build envelope of 254 x 254 x 305mm. These are considered to be mid-range as far as build envelopes go.

Thanks for reading another Case Study from the fastest growing 3D printing service bureau in the Midlands. Please continue to visit our site for more industry related news, blogs, case studies and special offers!

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