3D Printed Guns – The story behind the Myth

If you’ve been a fan of 3D printing or used a 3D printing service bureau you would of probably bumped into the story of the 3D printed gun. This became industry news about 3 to 4 years ago and has been talked about ever since by pretty much everyone who asks about 3D printing.

News this week from our friends in America have proposed a ban on plastic guns, such as those created by 3D printers, while the US State Department has issued two new statements that aim to give it more control over the publishing of 3D printable gun files and other weapons-related ‘technical data’ online.

Legislation is stating that gun owners can still design and create guns made with plastic parts using a 3D printing service
bureau however a major component of every gun will be required to contain enough traces of metal to be identified by x-rays or airport metal detectors.

Earlier this week, the Department sent a letter to the controversial open source firearms design group, Defence Distributed, famous for making public the STL files for the world’s first fully 3D printable gun. The letter confirmed that the government will require the group to acquire specific permissions before publishing any 3D printable gun files online where anyone can download them and get them printed at a 3D printing service bureau.

Images of the gun that has been 3D printed at a 3D printing service bureau. This has now led to an intense legal battle with the designer of the 3D printed gun and the State Department and is suing them on First Amendment grounds. “Just because information can be used for some bad purpose doesn’t make it illegal to publish it,” a lawyer said for Defence Distributed.

3D printed gun

So you guys, if you do want a 3D printed gun (for show only) look around the web and pick up on some of the links provided and send the data to your friendly and informative 3D printing service bureau, 3D Quick Printing. So, if you are interested, all we need from you to quote is your data (.stl or .zip) and we’ll normally get back to you within an hour.

Just to remind you all that at our 3D printing bureau service, we only use Professional Stratasys 3D printers that use FDM technology. We have two machines. One is a Dimension Elite 3D printer has a build envelope of 204 x 204 x 305mm and the other is also a Dimension machine that has a bigger build envelope of 254 x 254 x 305mm. These are considered to be mid-range as far as build envelopes go.

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