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At 3D Quick Printing Services Leicester, we pride ourselves on completing your project in two days or less. Our quick turnaround is at the forefront of all of our service offerings. Whether you’re in the initial concept stage, looking for a professional engineer or CAD designer to help turn your idea into reality, or you’re already set with your own .STL files, we can assist you at any step in your 3D printing journey. Our facility uses the latest technologies to enhance your rapid prototyping. Our eight in-house Stratasys FDM machines can handle projects large or small with an unfathomably fast turnaround time.

Quality You’re Sure to Love

Though we’re especially proud of our quick printing, we also care deeply about the quality of our clients’ projects. That’s why we use the latest ABS plastics — the same plastics used in the development of many of your everyday household items — to ensure the cleanest, most refined finish. We can print items in nine varieties of colours, with ivory being our most sought-after hue. We are sure you’ll be impressed with the strength and functionality of your final product.

Important Facts You Need to Know about ABS Filament
Maximum of 5 files
30MB total combined size
Always include file extension

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