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All we need is your CAD data, .stl file or step files and within the hour you will receive your 3D printing quote.

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We provide high quality FDM 3D printing across the UK. All we need is your CAD data, .stl file or step files and within the hour you will receive your 3D printing quote.

Our goal is to quote any 3D printing project at a cost effective price.

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We work with a selection of premium, durable 3D printing materials.

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We use Stratasys and Markforged printers for highly accurate parts.

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From the moment you send us your enquiry, to a couple of days later receiving your 3D printed part, our goal is to make your experience a great one.

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3D Printing

In recent years, 3D printing has steadily risen in popularity because of its versatility in different applications, such as construction, healthcare, and design. It's also a valuable asset for manufacturing companies because it allows them to create parts faster and cheaper than traditional methods. It's also beneficial because of its ability to quickly produce exact replicas of products.

3D Printing

In recent years, 3D printing has seen a rapid spike in popularity because of its use in various fields, such as construction, manufacturing, and healthcare. Because of this, more and more companies are finding ways to make 3D printing efficient and affordable. However, there's still the matter of filaments to consider.

3D Printing

3D printing is a method used to make three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. 3D printing companies can use digital files to create a three-dimensional object by applying plastic, metal, or other raw material spools. The machine then builds the design through horizontal layers, overlaying one over another.

3D Printing

Due to its versatility, FDM (fused deposition modelling) 3D printing is one of the most popular and practical 3D printing techniques utilised today. PET is one of these substances. It is a polymer used to create plastic bottles and other consumer packaging products. PET has gained appeal as an FDM 3D printing material in the form of PETG due to its adaptability.
Important Facts You Need to Know about ABS Filament
Maximum of 5 files
30MB total combined size
Always include file extension

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