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Professional 3D Printing Service

Professional 3D Printing Service3D Printing has become an essential tool for all engineers, product designers and entrepreneurs. The 3D Quick Printing team are simply trying to demonstrate, educate, and inspire our growing customer list. We hope that you, the professional designer, begin to use our service in every aspect of the design stage. We’ll endeavour to keep up to date with the latest materials and 3D Printing technologies just as long as you keep sending us your .stl files to bring your fascinating products to market with our excellent service. Not only will you bring your product to market quicker than your competition, we’d like to think that your business can see the benefit of using our professional 3D printing services to cut costs, increase production, and save time and money in every phase of the development cycle. 3D Printing is becoming the phrase on everyone’s lips these days. It’s been reported that the UK’s trade and industry secretary sees Additive Manufacturing as the next Industrial Revolution. Let’s face it, whilst we know that using a service provider and 3D printing have been around commercially for over 20 years, it is still considered to be one of the hottest technologies on the market. Everyone, and that includes Stratasys and the other manufacturers, wants a piece of the Multi-Billion Dollar pie! It’s likely that in another 10 years all manufacturing companies will own a 3D printer or have access to one by forming a relationship with a 3D printing company. It’s known that by purchasing a 3D printer narrows down your options when choosing a specific technology but when you begin to use a 3D printing company it allows you to be flexible in choosing from a range of materials. It is also agreed that you might have to wait a day or two for that all important part but the risk of buying a machine is never hanging over you when you use a bureau like 3D Quick Printing. We use the market leading Stratasys 3D printers. We have 2 FDM Dimension 3D printers using ABS plastic where the part requires strength and functionality perhaps when you need jigs and fixtures and small batch production. In conclusion, it’s safe to say that by using us improves communication amongst engineers, the sales team and their customers by creating an aesthetic and functional 3D printed part helping you the user get their product to market faster than the competition.

3D Printing For Architects

3D Printing Service for ArchitectsFor Architects things have drastically changed over the last decade with the introduction of 3D printing. Whilst an Architect can visualize their creation, that message has to be conveyed to the client to allow his passion to be viewed in all its glory. Years ago, great time and expense were given to the model to be hand-crafted out of foam, cardboard, wire and Perspex sheet. Fast forward 10 years or so and its considered the norm for the Architect to perform a presentation that includes 3D Printed models produced in-house or at a 3D printing provider. ‘Old fashion’ A0 paper prints drawings are rarely accepted as they do not offer the intricacy and detail the client requires to make a decision. So, to present day and the introduction of 3D printing. By using 3D printed Architectural models from a 3D printing service provider, the designer has the opportunity to show their creative flair having a greater chance of securing the business from the prospective client. A 3D printed model allows the Architect to show the building prior to completion even before the first brick is laid. One of the key issues when designing new buildings these days is how the proposed design affects the landscape and the surrounding area by 3D printing an Architectural model. A scaled model along with the surrounding landscape can be 3D printed to see how it blends in with the surroundings. This mock-up of the landscape can also be used for wind tunnel testing. 3D printing architectural models also help with town planning around the proposed site giving others the opportunity to decide on cycle paths or pedestrian walkways on the new landscape. All these 3D printed models would have been 3D printed at a 3D printing provider like us. Another example of where using a 3D printing service is a success is by helping architects identify and resolve potential design flaws that would normally occur during the development and construction process. For example, using a 3D printed Architectural model will allow the architect to accurately test space and lighting issues in a “real” life-like environment. If a problem is found, the designer can spend half a day modifying the design and send the revised data to a 3D printing provider to produce a 3D print of the new model to show the before and after effect of what was identified. In conclusion, it is safe to say that using a 3D printing bureau for outsourcing 3D printed Architectural models improves communication among architects, engineers, contractors, and buyers by creating a realistic proposal. A 3D printed Architectural model helps architects save valuable time and money by identifying problems earlier, allowing for easier revisions, and helping them sell and promote a concept prior to its completion.

3D Printing For Hobbyists

3D Printing Service for Hobbyists3D printing and making the use of a 3D printing provider has bred a thriving industry of self-taught designers who see business opportunities in making products for customers who have no access to customised or small batch production manufacturing techniques. If you have not got the CAD skills, now with the emergence of websites like Thingiverse.com and grabcad.com where product designers upload their designs for others to use, you can simply search and download it for free. Whether it’s a missing Lego block or a SatNav holder for your bike it’s likely you’ll find it on those two sites and 3D Quick Printing, the fasting growing 3D printing service bureau will be more than happy to 3D print your part. 3D Printing providers are also hoping to fuel the growth of small businesses. Entrepreneurs with limited resources, such as ‘box-bedroom designers’ are increasingly using 3D printing provider’s to check their designs prior to production. Tens of Thousands of hobbyist designers are using a service to print their one-off designs. A popular category is iPhone cases and jewellery. Our MD and Founder of the 3D Quick printing service, says “In China, you have to order thousands, here at 3D Quick Printing you can order one or two – the risk of doing business goes down to absolutely zero when having your 3D printed parts 3D printed.” Despite its potential, 3D-printing technology does not yet pose a serious threat to traditional manufacturing. He went on to say “3D printing isn’t ideal for large-volume orders that need to be turned around quickly. While printer prices are coming down, the materials cost is still relatively expensive” He added, “We specialise in quick turnaround of one off and small batch production and we will not be beaten on price or delivery at our 3D printing service bureau”. In conclusion, I think it is safe to say that using our service for the hobbyist community gives the user a real opportunity to have that special part in their hand at a fraction of the cost rather than using traditional techniques.

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