Batch Production

3D printing an object does take some time. Large parts for prototyping and testing may take about 7 hours to print and even a 24-hour print is nothing unheard of. What this means is that; assuming six identical parts are supposed to be printed for prototype testing and it takes the 3D printer 5 hours to print every part. That means a total of 30 hours is required to print this model. Taking into consideration other factors such as the time it takes to prepare the printer for the next print and post-processing of the parts, the short turnaround time is virtually impossible if only one 3D printer is available.


Industrial 3D Printers | 3D Quick Printing

Industrial 3D Printers

Here at 3D Quick Print, we have 8 highly capable industrial 3D printers which deliver consistently great results. Consistency across these printers ensure that similar objects produced on different machines are all very identical. The workload is spread over these printers to ensure that your parts get printed and delivered on time.

Batch Production

Large Build Volume

The Stratasys dimension 1200 printers that we use have large build volumes of 250mm X 250mm X300mm and the capability to print water soluble parts. Hence, we are able to print models in batches utilizing these features. Both identical and nonidentical parts can be stacked and printed at a go. This really increases our workflow and goes a long way to ensure that your parts are available just when you expect them.

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