Unbelievable Uses For 3D Printing

When it comes to printing with 3D technologies, the options are virtually endless, limited only to your imagination and the printing materials available. As we've previously reported on our blog, 3D printing has been used for everything from printing houses to helping medical students learn proper surgical techniques to use in the operating theatre. But the uses of 3D printing don't stop there -- in fact, they can sometimes be seemingly outlandish. Here are some unbelievable ways people have used 3D printing.

3D Printed Fetus

When a pregnant woman goes to the doctor, she can often expect to come away with an ultrasound of her developing baby. But now thanks to one 3D printing service in Japan, she may be able to walk away with a 3D model of the fetus. The process of creating the life-like replica is easy enough: the Japanese firm uses a scanner to image the pregnant woman’s abdomen, creating a base from which a 3D baby can be printed. Once scanned, a life-size depiction of the fetus is 3D printed with a clear filament, resulting in a three-dimensional version of the semi-formed baby. And there’s no need to worry about the 3D printing hurting a mother or her developing baby; the fetus and mother-to-be remain unharmed by any step in the printing process.

Perfectly Printed Pizza

We’ve already noted in a previous blog post that you could one day expect to have your Christmas turkey printed for the holiday dinner. Whilst this may be a seemingly far-fetched idea, many companies are already using 3D printed technologies to aid in food production, printing both savoury and sweet foods without a hitch. Who could forget the NASA-backed pizza-producing 3D printer, first unveiled at SXSW Eco in 2013? That project would eventually lead to a £772,685 ($1m) fundraising effort to create the world’s first commercially available 3D pizza-prepping printer. Soon, your perfectly-prepped pizza may be printed on 3D technologies.

3D Quick Printers

They may not print fetus replicas or edible pizzas, but we can assist you with any number of your 3D printing needs. Our quick printers can turn your three-dimensional ideas into reality. To see samples of previous projects we’ve completed or to start your own, visit our website today.

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