How Could Your Business Be Using 3D Printing Today?

Any time you catch a business news update, you probably hear something about 3D printing. Because the technology is evolving so quickly, many industries are investing in updates that are beginning to truly make a difference. Not all companies, though, see the value of 3D printing. That's a mistake. For virtually every company in every industry, 3D printing could really change the picture. Wondering how? Take a look.

A Time Saver

The process of developing customised products is a long one. Whether it’s a watch band or a pair of shoes, you have to make a mold that can cost thousands, then begin the market testing on the product. If it doesn’t work the way it should, new molds must be made, and more time is wasted. 3D printing, though, eliminates that step entirely. The materials are directly printed, and it can be done in the span of a few hours. So, whether you’re selling umbrellas or cups, it’s possible to come up with a fresh design to begin testing very quickly.

Customisation IS Possible

Headed for a trade show where you need products customised to those recipients? You can do that with 3D printing. In fact, Ferrari Concept, an eyewear company, did that just last year for Paris Fashion Week. They created a short run of colourful eyewear just for the show. You can do exactly the same thing for your upcoming meeting or trade show and create a successful opportunity to interface with more people and potential investors.

Use New Materials

Before Charles Goodyear decided to heat rubber and sulphur in 1839 and put the result on the bottoms of shoes instead of leather, rubber soled shoes weren’t really a thing. It’s innovations like this that change entire industries, and 3D printing can make innovation really possible. It gives you the opportunity to test new ideas in a very different format before you decide to invest thousands of dollars in something that won’t work, and that could make all the difference for your company.

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