UK University Team Successfully Prints First Quantum 3D Project

The 3D printing service industry is once again expanding, this time into quantum materials, thanks to the efforts of a team of academics at one prestigious university in the UK.

Researchers at Nottingham University have taken a quantum leap into the field of 3D printing, proving it’s not only possible to manipulate materials in powder form, but also on a molecular scale — a feat once unimaginable in the rapidly-advancing world of 3D printing. The team, led by Faculty of Engineering’s Victor Sans Sangorrin and the School of Chemistry’s Graham Newton, was the first to use 3D printing to manipulate materials on the molecular level. Results of the team’s research were published in a paper in the journal Advanced Materials and later reported on the UK-based website The Engineer.

3D Printing Implications

Being able to manipulate materials on a molecular level for the purposes of 3D printing is exciting news in the industry. The Engineer website reports that this technology may have major implications for the field of quantum computing. With the new material, 3D printers may be able to create electronic components for everyday devices, speeding up the manufacturing time and reducing overall costs. Additionally, Newton told the website, this new material can be used to ‘reversibly encode something quite complex like a QR code or a barcode, and then wipe the material clean.’

A Feat Years in the Making

The desire to advance quantum 3D printing has been pursued since 3D printing’s inception. In a 2015 article on the industry-leading website, Jennifer Hudson, a former Harvard physics professor, predicted that quantum 3D printing was ‘on the horizon’. The years since have proven fruitful, albeit painstaking, with the Nottingham team having produced the first successful printing in the quantum field.

From Quantum to Quick

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