Which Industries Benefit Most from 3D Quick Printing?

3D Printing speeds up the transition time from the design phase to the manufacturing phase. Entrepreneurs can see their product concepts as fully functioning 3D products in a very short amount of time. Which industries benefit most from 3D printing?

Jewelry: Have you ever taken a close look at some of the intricate designs of earrings, rings and bracelets? Some of them are incredibly sophisticated. The best jewelry makers have an eye for detail. Previously, it was very difficult for them to make a fully functioning piece of jewelry for a low price. Now, they can. They can work with our designers to find the way to make their dreams come alive. They can choose from plastic, nylon or rubber materials. They can add different textures to bring out the beauty of the wearer.

Toys & Games: Plastic parts are used to make many of the most popular pieces, parts and figurines for board games and toys. Entrepreneurs can make their own board pieces using 3D printing. They could individualise games to their own family, organisation, team or city. Carrying cases, drones, dice and even hockey pucks could be manufactured using 3D printing. Now, mankind can create faster than ever.

Medicine: Equipment, prosthetics and implants can all be made faster with a 3D printer. The affordability of this method of medical device manufacturing means that the poor of the world can receive the care, they deserve. Natural disasters can ravage a village making it so that time is of the essence. Doctors in the field, can order a new prosthetic and have it delivered in a short period of time. 3D printing can be used to save lives and improve healthcare around the world.

The possibilities are endless. Whatever your mind can imagine, can now be made with 3D printing. If you have a great idea that you would like to turn into a product, contact us. We guide you through the design and manufacturing phase, so you can have a fully functioning model in a very short period of time. Make your mark on the world with a masterpiece created with 3D printing.

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