New Stratasys 3D printers Installed!

The brand new Stratasys 3D printers have been installed and we’re all systems go. You’ve probably read that we can do FDM (functional) 3D printing using the Dimension Elite 3D printer and Polyjet (smooth surfaces) 3D printing using the Objet 30 3D Printer.

We are still learning about how best to orientate parts and what process to use (FDM or Polyjet) but please keep sending us your .stl files so we can provide the best prices out there.

What I know we are good at is the turn around time to produce our Quick Quotes so thanks for all the feedback, so once again, we won’t be beaten on our prices nor the time to turn around a quick quote so please keep sending us your .stl files as we hope to grow our business with your help.

Customer service for any 3D printing bureau is very important and we’ve asked Luke, our trainee applications engineers to react to your queries as quick as possible, quite often in under an hour. Yes, not weeks, or days, or hours we’re talking under an HOUR!

We are now also printing some 3D printed parts we can show off at the Flagship TCT show starting on the September 30th. You will find us on booth E44. We’ve also planned to make our booth a little bit different so please pop in and say ‘Hi’. It’ll be well worth a visit!

Got to go…… Phone is ringing. Someone else wants a Quick Quote!

Hope to see you there!

Maximum of 5 files
30MB total combined size
Always include file extension

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