3D Printing Hubs

3D printing hubs seem to be getting ever popular. You also see the more familiar 3D printing bureaus and even 'farms' now. The range is mind blowing

Hubs appear to be for the hobbyist as most of them I’ve seen have a £2,000 ‘maker’ 3D printer. Compare that to a £500,000 3D printer where you’d expect it to be from a professional 3D printing bureau.

The choice thou is down to you, the consumer and it’s the guy on the street who will drive this industry forward. Here at 3D Quick Printing, we’re not going to say we’re the best with the best quality machines – the cause was not. We have thou invested heavily on 2 good quality 3D printers from Stratasys and we are prepared to help the 3D printing community out there.

Most jobs we’ve delivered at a low cost and a timely manner, but other enquires we’ve had to decline to quote as we do not have the capability just yet.
We are also prepared to say that no job is too small and we will do our very best to help out if we can with no minimum order charge.
Looking through some other sites I happened to see one with a “grown farm of 10”! It sounds fantastic but what does that actually mean? For reliable, repeatable quality you should be looking at a professional 3D printing service like 3DQP.

We think we have positioned ourselves perfectly in the 3D printing industry and feel we are in the league where there isn’t anything too small yet still push ourselves to get some big jobs done.

We don’t ‘talk code’! With this, I mean that you get a friendly voice that can talk you through the process and always have time for people that are not too sure. With the mass of users and 3D printing enthusiasts out there, we feel that we are the kind of 3D company that will become the choice for many. From guys in their Ivory Towers to the student on the street, you know that we are here for you!

We feel we can do a job for anyone – Go on, let us 3D print your dreams!

Maximum of 5 files
30MB total combined size
Always include file extension

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