A few questions we put to one of our machinists

Q. In the news lately People ask why is 3D printing getting so much press these days. Why is that?
A. 3D printing is in news a lot more now due to people exploring the idea of printing chocolate, slurry concrete for houses, organs for humans and even guns.
Q. Could you make a wine glass out in the park on a 3D printing machine like I’ve seen in a video?
A. Yes you could. If You’ve got good .stl data. Don’t spill any thou whilst you’re waiting! 
 Q. Can there be a 3D printer that can print anything and everyone keeps one in the garage?
A. Yes. There are some very strong plastics using the FDM procedure and don’t forget the 3D printers that can 3D print in metal.
Q. Will there become an easier way to get 3D printable data so you are able to 3D print parts without so much knowledge? i.e a rattle for a child to occupy them while a parent does the housework?
A. Yes. There are a number of very good internet sites that people post their CAD data and even .stl data that you can download for free. I like to recommend www.grabcad.com and www.thingiverse.com.
 Q. So what is the usefulness of 3D printing companies and machines?
A. 3D printing and additive manufacturing is changing the landscape of how we produce things. I strongly believe we are at the start of the next Industrial Revolution.

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