Our New Arrival – 3D Quick Printing expands their FDM Capabilities

Great news everyone. We all love a new arrival don’t we and we’re delighted to announce that we have a new ‘family’ member at our 3D printing service bureau. Earlier on this week 3D Quick Printing took delivery of our second FDM machine. We’ve expanded our capabilities by investing in a Stratasys Dimension SST1200es.

This will hugely benefit our 3D printing service bureau output by allowing us to have 2 FDM 3D printers running simultaneously. It was always a balancing act having to juggle the work load as our 3D printing service bureau got busier and busier on the FDM side of the business. It felt only right to invest again as we continue to grow.

So, the Dimension Elite and the Dimension SST1200es sit side by side in our Coventry HQ. The Elite is great for feature detail 3D printing parts using a .178mm slice in strong functional ABS plastic but the X and Y was sometimes prohibitive and we were turning work away from our 3D printing service bureau and no one, believe me likes doing that!

The reason why we invested in the SST1200es was the increased build envelope. You could say that the SST1200es is the big brother to the Elite. This new machine has a build envelope of 254 x 254 x 305 mm. It doesn’t sound that much bigger but you’d be surprised. The part we finished 3D printing at our 3D printing bureau service this morning looked the size of an oil drum. It was great to utilise the SST1200es straight away with a part 250mm dia and 200mm tall. Check out the picture below to see for yourselves on the 254mm square build tray.

Another added feature of the Dimension SST1200es is the two slice height options available. We’ve told you before that the Elite has .178mm and .254mm. Well, the SST1200es has .254mm and .330mm so if the part is quite plain we can print it on ‘fast’ mode at the .330mm slice height. Talk about rapid manufacturing!

So what we’d like from our growing army of fans who use our 3D printing service bureau is to keep sending 3D Quick Printing your stl files for a really quick quote and a really great price. Please bear in mind our new machine with that big build envelope and you’d be surprised how quick our 3D printing service will turn your dreams into reality.

Maximum of 5 files
30MB total combined size
Always include file extension

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