TCT – We Smashed it!!!

This time last week we were breaking down our booth at the TCT Exhibition. For those who aren’t in the know it stands Time Compression Technology and it’s the number one event in the UK for everyone who wants to be or is involved in this great business.

It was a really busy show for the three of us and we were overwhelmed not only by the number of potential customers who were keen to talk to 3D Quick Printing, the smartest and friendliest 3D printing service out there for all your 3D printing requirements but what else is in on offer in the fascinating 3D printing world we live in.

We were very happy to share our thoughts and opinions with other 3D printing service providers although I have to say the majority of them did not have professional 3D printers. My question is – would you trust a 3D printing bureau service that only uses a hobbyist machine that is not reliable or repeatable to 3D print your parts?

If you all remember we have at our facility FDM and Polyjet machines. FDM is great to offer as a 3D printing service when you require strength and functionality where we 3D print your parts in ABS plastic. Polyjet however (a UV cured resin) is fantastic when you want very smooth parts that need to be aesthetically pleasing and not too functional. Remember, FDM for strength and functionality and Polyjet for smooth parts with excellent feature detail capture. That’s what we do at our 3D printing service bureau.

Would you believe it if we told you that there were 3D printing machines printing cake and chocolate? We all love innovative ideas but that really takes the biscuit. Hahahahaha! I don’t think we’ll be adding cake decoration to the services we offer at our 3D printing service but who knows what is round the corner.

What I can confirm is we did see some great technologies that we are interested in and we will have some exciting news in the not too distant future about some purchases we are going to make to add to the 3D printing services we can offer. We don’t want to give too much away but we’ll have some news on a scanning service that we can offer and potentially a new 3D printing machine that uses SLA technology.

WOW, a 3D printing service that offer FDM, Polyjet and SLA. That’s why 3D Quick Printing are growing and it’s all down to listening to our customers and understanding what you guys want out there!

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