Lawn Mower Blade

Over the last couple of week The 3DQP team has had plenty of enquiries. From neurosurgeons wanting us to 3D print a skull showing the brain inside from a CAT scan to hobiests wanting a funky banana bunch holder.

What I’m going to do a case study to on is a blade for one of the top manufactures of lawn mowers and gardening tools. They wanted to design a new plastic clip that attaches to the motor whilst also locking in the rotating blade. These clips have been around for a while but the company wanted to make them stronger for longer usage for the user.

We made the FDM 3D printed parts from the data they sent that included different sizes, thickness and material options. The way these blades attach to the mower is as important as the strength of the part- so the quality of the build also had to be observed, without actually being able to test the finished prototypes.

The 3DQP team are convinced that we helped make them something good even better.

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