Luke – Trainee Applications Engineer

Having got the Applications Engineer job using the 3D printers at the new 3D Printing Company 3D QuickPrinting, I can honestly say it took my breath away on how easy they are to use.

I thought I was gonna have to keep on asking my colleagues to help me out as the traditional machines I used at college were nothing like these. I’ve been with 3D QuickPrinting now for a few weeks and I’ve really got the hang of things and starting to come to terms with how fast moving a new business is!

At first I was unsure about how they both worked. When I first saw them I thought one was a coffee machine and the other a fancy photo copier! I could not understand how you started with nothing and few hours later they would be a real 3D part sitting there. Now it all seems straight forward and I’m even using the software that came with the two new machines – the objet30 and the Dimension Elite.

I do take calls from customers from time to time and they do ask questions I don’t really understand, like the person asking for the aircraft grade material Ultem 9085 a few days ago so I do need help from mates that work with me. What I’m trying to say is that 3D printing is just one massive learning curve and there will always be designers, technicians, artists and many others that will be creating wonderful designs that will push and push boundaries and the whole 3DQP team are learning more and more about this fantastic new technology that is now available to all.

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