The Top 5 Most Interesting Items You Can 3D Print

While “There’s an app for that,” is a phrase that we won’t be retiring anytime soon, “Just print it,” is one vying for its throne. From musical instruments to children’s toys, you can create just about anything with a 3D printing service. Did you say food? Yep—you can 3D print that too! Before we get into the top five items people love for rapid prototyping, let’s look at what 3D printing is.

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing employs additive manufacturing to deposit layers of material on top of each other until it produces a product. It incorporates Polyastic Acid (PLA) materials, Polyvinyl Alcohol Plastic, resins (paintable and transparent), and various powders and metals. Most 3D printing materials are biodegradable and eco-friendly, contributing to its rising popularity as a production method. 

DIY enthusiasts can create quick 3D prints at home. By working carefully and patiently or partnering with a reliable 3D printing service, you can make the following items. 

  • Food

Are you having trouble growing or sourcing nutritious food? Why not just 3D print it? The food industry is changing, becoming increasingly sustainable and creative, many thanks to 3D printing technology. Manufacturers create food using lasers, powdered materials, and nozzles. 

  • Clothes and Accessories

Not far behind on the 3D printing trend are the fashion industry, which provides garments with a wide range of possibilities during the creative process, production, and prototyping otherwise inaccessible by hand. 3D printing eliminates the need to create unique shapes by mould and cuts production time in half. This allows designers to achieve ambitious goals that require more intricate work. 

  • Sculptures and Toys

With a 3D printer set up in your home office, you can bid farewell to the afternoons spent lining up for a new toy or collectable releases at the mall. By printing prototypes, you can have more significant control over the quality of your item. Hobbyists and home-based artists can hone their craft with a 3D printing machine—you can even produce moveable parts that don’t require assembly. 

  • Musical Instruments

Nothing is more disheartening to a musician than not being able to shell out a pretty penny for an instrument they’ve been eyeing for months or even years. Nowadays, high-quality, handcrafted tools cost an arm and a leg, even for the most deserving and experienced musicians. Manufacturers have mastered 3D printed wind, percussion, and string instruments, all through differing processes. 3D printed guitars are available in a myriad of designs that you can select to your liking and preferences. 

  • Cameras

If you can print photographs, why not print the entire camera? 3D printed cameras are pinhole variants, comprising a moveable shutter, covering or uncovering the hole to allow light to pass briefly and penetrate the strip of film on the other end. Load a strip of film into the body, and you’re more than ready to go. 

While the quality of photographs taken with 3D printed cameras is still in the elementary stages of development, their quality can combat the need for an expensive set-up for photographers who are just starting. 


Channelling your creative ideas into an item you can physically handle and observe is entirely possible through rapid prototyping. It can enhance your design process and streamline product development systems. 

If you’re interested in trying your hand at additive manufacturing, consult our 3D printing services at 3D Quick Printing. With just your CAD data, .stl, or step files, we can provide your quote and product in only a few hours. 

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