5 Important Benefits of 3D Printing for Education

The accessibility of 3D printing services has quietly revolutionised plenty of things, from business to the home. One oft-ignored benefit of 3D printing technology is what it can do for the field of education. After all, 3D printing is a feat of engineering and can make STEM subjects more interesting and engaging. With it, your students could create better and more complex projects that involve advanced concepts.

If you’re still not convinced about what 3D printing can do for education, read on. Listed below are a few of the benefits of using this technology in schools:

1. It promotes design thinking

Incorporating this into your classes can put your students in the shoes of an inventor. You could teach them to subtly employ the concepts of engineering in their creations, giving them a good foundation for design. Aside from that, it is a fun and unconventional way to create in the classroom that is sure to keep your students interested.

2. It can give a different spin to art class

3D printing is the perfect marriage of art and science, as students can create beautiful art through the help of technology. It can bring students who are inclined towards the arts closer to the sciences, and students inclined towards the sciences closer to the arts—completing the STEAM experience for all.

3. It has a wow factor

There is nothing quite like seeing a 3D printer in progress for the first time. It is sure to interest even the most reluctant and rebellious of learners. After all, who can resist the whirr and buzz of an incredibly complex machine creating really complex pieces of art?

4. It can increase their digital literacy

Technology is constantly evolving. More and more, people are using technology in nearly every industry. Even art can be produced through the interface of a computer. Letting the students take the reins of a 3D printer can help improve their digital literacy, teaching them to navigate complex softwares and interfaces at an early age.

5. It can make learning more hands-on

3D printing services can create tools and props specifically for the lesson plans of various teachers. For example: you could use 3D printing to teach the students about geography, building land masses and maps that they could reconstruct like a puzzle. You could print models of different buildings throughout history, comparing the scale of the Pyramids of Giza to Notre Dame. There is literally no limit to how you could use this technology to make education much more interesting to your students!

In conclusion

3D printing has allowed us to create things that were only possible in the imagination. Using such imagination can also unlock many applications and possibilities for 3D printing in classrooms. From the creation of tools to the facilitation of learning, your school, staff, and students could enjoy the benefits of 3D printing technology.
As we have mentioned before, it is the perfect marriage of the arts and the sciences. That can make it an essential component of making the teaching at your school more holistic and well-rounded.
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