How Big Can You Go?

3D Printing means many new opportunities for companies around the globe. No matter what the industry, there's an opportunity within for 3D printing technology to change the way things currently work. Some believe, though, that there are real limits. Take size, for instance. While 3D printers have been used to make components for bigger projects, like homes and bridges, there are still some real limitations when it comes to larger projects, right? Not really.

A New Record

The team at Create CafĂ© in Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada, just changed the impression many had of size limitations in the world of larger 3D printing projects. Their latest design? A 3D printed camper van. Utilising plastic filament, they managed to create a seamless camper that was nearly four metres in length and almost two metres wide. To create the project, they first had to customise even the printer design. Once that was complete, it took nine days to build the trailer, and once finished, it weighed nearly 43 stone. The team isn’t done yet, though. They plan to develop even larger models in far less time in the near future.

The Takeaway for Your Company

You may not be in the business of customised campervans, but this success story has far greater implications. 3D printing has been consider a quick design tool for prototypes and planning for many businesses for the past several years. Obviously, though, it’s on the verge of redefining the way the business community thinks about manufacturing virtually anything, and that could mean a massive shift in your business model. It means a level of flexibility that just wasn’t previously available, even if you’re in an industry that deals with larger scales than most. It’s a rapid way to efficiently use resources, and that could mean serious cost savings and shorter time to market for many companies.

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