The Benefits of Using 3D Printing in Producing Proof of Concepts

The proof of concept (POC) in any manufacturing company is paramount. POC is a stage in the product development process between the idea and prototype, where it aims to show the practical potential of the concept. It is a vital step where concept creation helps you avoid jumping from sketches to prototype without first verifying the feasibility of the concept.

The proof of concept showcases the model’s functionality. However, POC is a mere concept and doesn’t necessarily test it. While POC visualises the features, the prototype will put the POC’s vision into reality. This means that once the POC has been established, then the prototype can be made. This then leads to the preparation of the manufacturing strategies for the final product.

That said, 3D printing can help you out in providing new and better ways of producing your proof of concept. Below are the benefits of using 3D printing for your POC:

1. Design process speed

Most traditional methods, such as injection moulding or computer numerical control (CNC) machining, can take weeks to develop a model. Such duration will delay the entire design process. With the help of 3D printing, it will produce your objects layer by layer in no time. Because time is precious, the POC stage of the design should be fast. For this reason, using Additive Manufacturing for POC can be quite beneficial, as it will give you a good quality model faster.

2. Availability and accessibility

Desktop 3D printers are readily available for use and are very accessible in the market. There are plenty of options to choose from in terms of materials – from plastics to resins. They can produce your POC overnight. You can also resort to an online 3D printing service by uploading a 3D file and allowing them to take care of the printing for you. Your POC will be produced in a short period and will be delivered at your doorstep.

3. Ease of learning 3D model

There is a variety of 3D modelling software available in the market. They are relatively easy and straightforward to use for your POC model. You can opt for mechanical or architectural, depending on the computer-aided design (CAD) design software you are utilising. There are also types of software with specialised tools such as automatic threads that can help you build a 3D model more efficiently.

4. Economic option and cost reduction

Your POC project will be cheaper since it is the early stages of the product development process. What’s good about 3D printing is that it isn’t costly. Additive Manufacturing can be a more economical option to produce your proof of concept. You merely need a small number of models, and you will be able to create one or two models at a relatively affordable price.

The use of 3D printing can be highly beneficial for your proof of concept. It is readily available, fast in the design process, relatively easy to employ, and very economical. All these benefits can give you enough reasons to use 3D printing for your proof of concept. This initial step in the design process will lead to a better prototype, more productive manufacturing strategies, and a pleasing final product.

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