3 Benefits of 3D Printing for your Supply Chain – What to Know

The rise of the e-tailer industry is highlighting rapid delivery as the new normal for consumers and business, meaning that next-day shipping is now a crucial must-have if you want to keep up in this fast-paced landscape.

3D printing has now become the innovative solution to this shift as it allows manufacturers to deliver quick turnaround orders without wasting materials on leaving large quantities of stock in inventory. It is no longer a technology of the future as 3D printers are an integral part of the operation in various industries.

As for the manufacturing industry, it allows the supply chain to remain competitive, all while keeping customer satisfaction high. To that end, here are different ways 3D printing is revolutionising the global supply chain:

Benefit #1: 3D Printing Technology Simplifies the Supply Chain

Before the rise of 3D printing, the supply chain management process heavily relied on an intricate design that is based on sourcing decisions. This involves outsourcing production to off-shore manufacturers as it offers a lower cost of production.

However, this strategy also entails high expenses on travel, communication, and buff inventories. Additionally, it can also be challenging to implement quick changes in a product’s design as it will take time and resources to perform any design conversions.

Meanwhile, opting for a 3D printing strategy allows a diverse range of organisations to keep up with the demand. The best part is that it also reduces the number of suppliers in their supply chains, therefore decreasing the total time and cost of production as a result. This minimises the need to depend on overseas suppliers.

Benefit #2: 3D Printing Technology Improves Resource Efficiency

3D printing creates nearly zero waste, making it a greener alternative to manufacturing industries. Other than lowering the risk of overproduction and reducing carbon footprint, 3D printing always industries to save on money and increase efficacy as it is an energy-efficient and cost-efficient production.

Benefit #3: 3D Printing Technology Increase Product Customization

3D printing technology requires no other tools other than its filaments, which enables manufacturers to take advantage of this unprecedented freedom to customise clients’ specific requirements. This allows organisations from across the globe to enhance customer experience, as well as boost the agility of supply chains and adapt quick changes in the market.

To that end, 3D printing allows production and distribution to fall under a singular supply chain function. Additionally, you can expect to have better client involvement in the design and production process, which increases the likelihood of gaining happy customers.

The Bottom Line

3D printing technology is now beyond science fiction as industries from all over the globe are utilising it to improve their application in manufacturing. With that in mind, you can expect the future of supply chains to have shorter planning cycles, faster lead times, better customisation, all while being eco-friendly.

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