The 3D Printing TCT Show 2014

TCT 2014 is just around the corner and 3D Quick Printing bureau service will be there.

Well, the waiting is almost over. The highly anticipated Time Compression Technology (TCT) Exhibition is nearly upon us. We’ve been really busy lately at 3D Quick Printing, the smartest and friendliest 3D printing service out there for all your 3D printing requirements.

Preparation has included 3D printing on our FDM and Polyjet machines a number of interesting parts to show you what technology does what. What we mean by this is that FDM is great to offer as a 3D printing service when you require strength and functionality where we 3D print your parts in ABS plastic.

Polyjet however (a UV cured resin) is fantastic when you want very smooth parts that need to be aesthetically pleasing and not too functional. Remember, FDM for strength and functionality and Polyjet for smooth parts with excellent feature detail capture. That’s what we do at our 3D printing service bureau. We keep it simple, we keep it quick and we make sure our prices are the best out there.

We will also have some great news that two ‘New Starters’ will be on our stand E44 to help you with your questions about this fantastic 3D printing business we love.

Prit Mudhar who has a background in I.T and Engineering is our New Business Development Manager. It’s a real baptism of fire for Prit as I bet some of you out there know more than him but over the last 2 weeks he’s had some fantastic training at our 3D printing service offices and he’s raring to go. His role will be to help grow our 3D printing service bureau by seeking out new markets that perhaps have not considered having their products 3D printed. Good luck Prit and welcome to the 3D Quick Printing Team.

We also have Rachel Stokes joining us. She’s just completed her A levels getting great grades in Business Studies, Physics and Information Technology. She’ll help you if Chris, Ken or Prit are busy tied up with customers. She might offer you a beer too as we like to keep things fun and friendly at 3D Quick Printing.

We’ll be setting up our booth on Monday. Its 4 x 2 meters so you’ll definitely see us and if you don’t see us you’ll hear us! They’ll be some mellow tunes playing in the background and maybe the odd Laser or smoke machine that will grab everyone’s attention. So, if you do plan to attend the Exhibition held at the NEC next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, make sure you drop by for a friendly and informative chat about your 3D printing requirements.

Next week I’ll be writing a follow up blog on how it all went. Who knows – you might be a customer this time next week if you use our 3D printing service bureau and we’ll welcome you with open arms into our loyal and growing number of customers who come to us for 3D printed parts when they want them quick and at a great price.

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