3D Printing Service Exhibition – 3D print show London

As you may have already read in my previous blogs, 3D Quick Printing will be exhibiting along with a number of other 3D printing service bureaus and companies involved in this fabulous World of Additive Manufacturing at TCT at the NEC running from 30th September to October 2nd.

It is widely known and understood that TCT is THE showcase event within Additive Manufacturing but I have to say that after visiting the 3D Printshow in London last week I was very impressed with what I saw.  Having a 3D printing service bureau I felt that I needed to keep on top of the latest technology and seeing what is ‘trending’ out there. It might be new materials for our FDM or Polyjet 3D printer.

I know that Nylon is available now for FDM and maybe one day we’ll purchase a FORTUS Production System from Stratasys for our 3D printing Bureau Service. Other things that I hoped to learn more about was the growing list of the ‘maker’ series or what was known once as the hobbyist FDM machines. These machines are a lot cruder than the Stratasys FDM machines that we have at our  but I have to say I was quite impressed with the quality of the parts.

Yeah, I know that the 3D print parts are 3D printed in PVA (the poorer cousin of ABS) but to be fair to them all the parts, however basic they are, looked pretty good. I also chatted to 3D Hubs which is, as it sounds, a website that will put you in touch with a local 3D printing service bureau to 3D print your part local to you. The interface is fun and easy to navigate and the 3D printing bureau will bend over backward to produce a good part and deliver it on time to achieve a good ‘feedback’ rating. 3D Quick Printing have recently 3D printed a couple of jobs from the 3D Hub and it’s surprising how good the Hubs team communicate with you and the customer who uses you. It was also good to chat to overseas visitors and their perception of using a 3D printing service bureau based in the UK.

I also spent my time at a few lectures from the key note speakers on their interpretation of where this fantastic 3D printing business will be in the next 5 or 10 years. Once or twice several of the talks mentioned what an important part 3D printing service bureaus are playing in getting small, medium and large organisation to adopt this technology prior to investing in the machines for in house use.
In summary I have to say it was a long day and I was pleased to get back on the train. The great thing thou about being away was whilst I was in London the machines were busy back at the ranch 3D printing parts. What a fabulous business it is having a 3D printing bureau.
See you all at the NEC stand number E44.

For more information on the 3D Printshow London, please have a look at the following link. www.3Dprintshow.com.

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