3D printing service for use in the dental industry

Since its conception, 3D Quick Printing had 3D printed a number of fascinating 3D printed parts at our 3D printing service bureau. We’ve 3D printed parts for jigs and fixtures, 3D printed obsolete parts for cash machines, miniature railways and to be honest a whole lot more. One fascinating project we got involved with at our 3D printing service bureau was 3D printing a new set of teeth for an 83-year-old woman who had her entire lower jaw replaced with a 3D printed replica. For the sake of argument we’ll call her Gladys and her journey started when she visited her dental surgeon in Newcastle.

The surgery, carried out by doctors from the University Hospital in Newcastle replaced the woman’s original infected jaw with a 3D-printed titanium and bio – ceramic version. The 3D printer in question used the technique called Direct Metal Sintering. At our 3D printing bureau we called in the local experts who have these machines as we don’t at 3D Quick Printing but I’m sure as our 3D printing service bureau continues to grow and be successful we will one day.

Anyway, we acted as the go – between with the surgeons and the parts being laser sintered. The process is very much like the SLS process that uses typically small glass filled nylon particles but in this process, fine layers of titanium are built up and a laser is used to fuse the talcum powder sized particles together. The whole thing was coated in ceramic to make sure the body did not reject the foreign object in the ladies body.

These sort of applications with additive manufacturing makes me truly believe that 3D printing will change the way we live.

Not all our blogs and case studies feature technology that we don’t have at the Midlands fastest growing 3D printing Service bureau but we all felt that we had to share this with you.
Please keep checking back to read more blogs and find out what we are up to.

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