3D Printing Applications That Are Literally Saving Lives

3D printing can mean a number of things for a variety of industries, but nowhere is it more important than in the world of medicine. Today, 3D printing has a number of medical applications that are changing lives across the world, and it may be coming to a GP or an A & E near you in the future! Take a look at a few of the innovative applications that are changing lives right now.
  • Equipment: It can be tough to obtain some pieces of necessary medical equipment in various places either because it’s too expensive or because it’s too remote. It is not, however, difficult to create those parts on a 3D printer. For example, one group is printing umbilical cord clamps for hospitals in Haiti at a much lower cost than they might be able to obtain them on today’s market. For people in countries where good medical care is not the standard, this technology may mean access to life saving equipment that just wasn’t possible a few years ago.
  • Prosthetics: The process of creating traditional prosthetics was nothing short of laborious, and they often came with a price tag to match. Fortunately, those days are gone. Today, companies across the lab are working to create patient-specific limbs with 3D printers that are helping people find a new lease on life. A California-based company went as far as taking 3D printers to Sudan and training local employees how to use them so those injured in the war could have new, inexpensive prosthetics. From the world’s poorest population to those in some of the richest areas of the world, 3D printed prosthetics mean the confidence and ability to move forward after tragedy.
  • Implants: Many people undergo joint replacements each year, and in some cases, other implants like parts of the skull or spine become necessary due to disease or injury. 3D printing shines here, too. While the procedures haven’t received full clearance from big organisations like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, they are getting the thumbs up from surgeons around the world, which may mean they’ll become standard within the decade.

3D printing is an amazing tool. It can grow your small business or start a mini revolution in an industry. Explore what it can do for you when you contact us today.

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