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Thanks for looking at our site and if you’re on this page it’s likely that you have not got a 3D CAD package allowing you to start creating your design. Help is at hand thou as below you’ll see we’ve made it easy for you to access FREE open source 3D CAD packages and .stl file repair software. Please read on for more information


We all know Google don’t we and our friends at Google now offer “Google SketchUp”. Google SketchUp is free to download and is a great introduction for a beginner on how to use cheap jerseys a 3D CAD package with friendly on-line help to assist if you get a bit stuck. Along with this simple and easy to use Control package, SketchUp also gives you access to a parts database of models that have been uploaded by users around the world wholesale jerseys China and are free to download.

Autodesk 123D

Along with SolidWorks and Pro-Engineer Autodesk is one of leading CAD software giants. It looks thou that they have not forgotten their roots and now offer a free 3D CAD package called 123D. As with Google SketchUp a parts library can be downloaded of models already drawn by users around the globe. Autodesk 123D is more advanced than SketchUp and is considered to be a proper ‘dip your toe’ into the professional CAD packages offering more creativity and versatility. For those Apple aficionados amongst you, 123D can be downloaded from the apple store to your tablet and cheap nba jerseys phone.



Netfabb Basic is a .stl file repair tool. It is simple to use with not many Homepage commands but the best thing is is that it’s completely free and not By a 30 day trial of the all singing – all dancing version. As a user you are able to repair Jaula and correct the errors when converting the raw CAD data to .stl enabling you to send your files to the 3D Quick Printing team with confidence.


This is as good as it gets. Magics by Materialise is a professional .stl file repair tool. Our 3D printer software will not allow us to process the data if the data is corrupt and this is the perfect tool to repair all those errorss that sometimes the CAD packages throw at us. We currently have on trial both of the above packages so please rest assured that if your data is ‘a data) bit dodgy’ we’ll endeavour to repair it allowing us to Print Your Dreams.

So then… what are you waiting for!? Upload your file!

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