The ever growing demand of 3D Printing

The 3D printing community is blooming, as we’ve argued before, and the growing number of available 3D printers definitely reflects an expanding market. However, a new study reveals that the 3D printing market in 2015 shines an interesting new light on the so-called 3D printing revolution. We were amazed to hear at 3D printing service bureau that the 2015 3D printing market has grown tremendously with 220,000 3D printers being sold where most of them are the professional grade 3D printers by Stratasys and 3D Systems.

However, they say, figures clearly indicate that the 3D printing revolution isn’t taking place in homes and garages, but in schools and businesses.

Although about 70 percent of 3D printer sales involve private consumers and 3D printing service bureaus there are still significant numbers of professional grade that are being placed in 3D printing service bureaus are revolutionizing various manufacturing industries through rapid prototyping. Historically, for a car company to make a sample side-view mirror, it takes days and costs thousands of dollars. On a 3D printer, you enter a CAD file converted to stl, press a button, and the object comes out in a few hours.

The value is thus in saving money and in speeding up production. It’s all about time to market and this is just the sort of stuff we’re doing at our 3D printing service bureau.

However, there is one silver economic lining as far as consumer 3D printers are concerned, as the report reveals it sees a significant future for them in the educational market. We’ve often talked about 3D printers being used in science classes to prepare the future workforce, and that is indeed one of the functions a lot of consumer-level 3D printers will be used for. 3D Quick Printing agree with this and that’s why at our 3D printing service bureau we offer discounted rates to Educational Establishments.

Just to remind you all that at our 3D printing bureau service we only use Professional Stratasys 3D printers that use FDM technology. We have two machines. One is a Dimension Elite 3D printer has a build envelope of 204 x 204 x 305mm and the other is also a Dimension machine that has a bigger build envelope of 254 x 254 x 305mm. These are considered to be mid-range as far as build envelopes go. Thanks for reading another blog from the fastest growing 3D printing service bureau in the Midlands. Please continue to visit our site for more industry related news, blogs, case studies and special offers!

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