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The Dimension Elite uses ABS plastic to produce strong, functional and durable parts. If your design is part of a fully functional working assembly then this is the machine we will use at our 3D printing service bureau. The Dimension Elite offers a large build tray of 203 x 203 x 305 having a layer thickness of .178mm for fine feature detail capture and .254mm.

We recently added a Dimension SST1200es. The reason why we invested in the SST1200es at our 3D printing service bureau was the increased build envelope. You could say that the SST1200es is the big brother to the Elite. This new machine has a build envelope of 254 x 254 x 305 mm. Another added feature of the Dimension SST1200es is the two slice height options available that are .254mm and .330mm so if the part is quite plain we can print it on ‘fast’ mode at the .330mm slice height.

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The Dimension 3D printers we have at our 3D printing service bureau use ABS plastic that you see in all day to day items around the home. It’s great for impact resistance and has a general robustness. Ivory is the normal colour that we use and there are 8 other colours available on request.

At our 3D printing service, we only use Fused Deposition modelling. In total we have eight Stratasys Dimension 3D printers, resulting in a quick turnaround time for our customers.

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