3D Printing Service – What is 3D Printing?

If someone was to stop you in the street and ask you "what is 3D printing?" or "what is a 3D printing Service bureau?", What would you say?

At 3D Quick Printing we’re getting asked that all the time too and we like to respond by saying the following

3D printing allows the user to test form, fit and function of a design prior to committing to production. In a nut-shell that is it but if I were to expand a little I would go on to say –

  • It speeds up ‘time to market’ helping the sales team to launch a new product quicker than the competition
  • It helps the production engineers design the tooling prior to cutting or casting any metal
  • It allows companies to move away from traditional manufacturing by considering small batch production using the Additive Manufacturing technique.
  • It saves time by not having to wait for expensive tooling to be made.

It allows designers to express themselves more knowing that if the design ain’t right no harm is done as the part from the 3D printing bureau was not expensive. After all, you can make a small design change, send it to your ‘local’ 3D printing Service bureau and you can have another one on your desk in a couple of days. Years ago you had to wait for someone to machine a part for you or modify the tooling that made the ‘prototype part’ having to wait weeks or even months for it.

It allows all the departments in a company to discuss a new design having a real part to touch and feel. Engineers and Designers understand a engineering drawing but the marketing and sales team don’t

3D printing is without doubt THE talked about business these days and we love being a part of it and WE want YOU to be as well!

Maximum of 5 files
30MB total combined size
Always include file extension

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