How to Target Industries With a Great Demand for 3D Printing Services

Since its inception in the 1980s, 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, has gone a long way. While 3D printing began as a technique for quick prototyping, it has now grown to encompass various technologies. The number of firms using 3D printing technology has increased rapidly as the technology has evolved. The applications and use cases vary by industry, but in general, they include tooling assistance, visual and functional prototypes, and even end-of-life parts.

Top Industries in the 3D Printing Space

Space Industry

NASA uses 3D printing for various purposes, ranging from printed rocket engine components to tiny, 3D-printed cube-shaped satellites. Its next-generation Orion spacecraft (which will transport humans to Mars) will have over 100 3D printed pieces made of space-capable solid material.

Recently, the agency produced a 3D-printed copper combustion chamber to print a whole rocket engine in the future. Meanwhile, the European Space Agency (ESA) is working on compounds made from Moonrock that may be used to print buildings and tools.

Automobile Industry

The automobile sector has embraced additive manufacturing, with high-profile businesses such as Audi employing 3D printers. Not just the Audis of the world use 3D printers; everything from racing car teams to sub manufacturers (OEMs) for each vehicle manufacturer uses 3D printers. The actual value of 3D printed parts for automobile manufacturers now lies in the equipment and fixtures that help in the production process, rather than the printed parts themselves. Fixtures, cradles, and prototypes are the most frequent items printed by automobile manufacturers since they must be rigid, robust, and long-lasting. It is also very uncommon for individuals to utilize 3D printers to create replacement components for centuries-old automobiles.

Education Industry

As the 3D printing business expands, educational institutions are scrambling to be on the cutting edge of new technologies for research and teaching. 3D printers in universities offer various functions, from professors manufacturing components for instructional tools to transmitting the lesson plan to Ph.D. students using the printers for research. Purdue University in Indiana, for example, has taken a keen interest in educating its students about new additive manufacturing materials and technologies.

Jewellery Industry

3D printing is an excellent technology for jewellery, and it has had a significant influence on the industry. Casting is significantly less expensive, simpler, and quicker. The use of SLA and DLP 3D printers may boost productivity while saving the jeweller time and money. Many new 3D printing firms are specialising in jewellery creation.

How to Target:

Determine who your clients are, what they do, and what they desire to satisfy their expectations. Keep in mind that 3D printing works best as a local fast production/prototyping technique with short distances between supplier and client. This does not preclude you from delivering components to someone outside your own city/region, but you risk losing your significant advantage, speed.

Connect With Your Target Market

Successful marketing should come across as genuine and sincere; high-quality 3D printing can help companies boost their manufacturing process and create better products overall.

Provide Options That Fit Their Goals

When it comes to reaching out to clients, keep in mind that you should provide them alternatives. While you may have previously determined which target market they belong to and what items they want, be courteous and broaden your product selection to match their area of interest so that they have the flexibility to choose what best meets their demands.


When you demonstrate what the firm has to offer to clients in a personable way, you may successfully develop brand loyalty by combining print and internet methods. 3D printing has several advantages, including quick turnaround time, more design freedom, and low volume/small-batch processing and prototyping.

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