The Multiple Benefits of Using 3D Printing

There are several methods when it comes to manufacturing. If you've been using the same one for quite some time and are looking to switch things up, you're not alone.

A key way includes going into 3D printing services. Additive manufacturing is a great route to take in that sense. It entails having a rather strong impact on supply chains while more and more businesses step away from manufacturing methods that are on the traditional end. This includes cutting down on costs, localising production, streamlining processes and having a more sustainable way of going about manufacturing.

What Are the Multiple Benefits of a 3D Printing Service?

Low Volume/Small Batch Production and Prototyping

Many people tend to see 3D printing as no more than a tool for prototyping. This is largely because of the way it can cost-effectively produce several design iterations in days. It boils down to the way parts are manufactured without the need for long lead-time tooling that’s also rather pricey and rigid.

One of the most vital roles this plays on a bigger scale is during the global coronavirus outbreak. This is due to PPE supplies rising in demand given the pandemic.

More Freedom in Terms of Design

Additive manufacturing generally has a rather sophisticated optimisation software along with it. This allows for both complicated geometries and organic shapes that used to be deemed impossible. The limit nearly doesn’t exist, really. Practically anything can be dreamed up in CAD, and those can all get printed. 

Previously, designers relied on the DFM (Design for Manufacture) methodology. Now, they are able to cut costs down and get rid of several issues with manufacturing. DfAM (Design for AM) is now becoming the norm for up-and-coming engineers, which means the standard is quickly becoming generative design software. That will lead to the mainstream adoption of additive manufacturing. DfAM allows for a radical redesign that can cut costs and consolidate assemblies, with part performance either improving or being maintained well.

Turnaround Time Is Fast

Additive manufacturing allows on-demand printing of several parts. They are also done in a manner that’s fast and rather cost-effective. It also cuts shipping time down from weeks to mere days. Operations can also be de-risked by 3D printing. This is instead of being entirely reliant on a single supplier for a part that’s critical. It also helps a product to be future-proofed since digital data can make spare part production a breeze. That’s a far better route instead of having an expensive and quite large inventory, which might not even get used in the first place.

That said, end-use parts and prototypes are not just what additive manufacturing is about. The efficiency of production lines has never been more important. In line with that, there are a rising number of bespoke figures and jigs being created and designed.


Manufacturing has long followed a rather traditional route. With the advancement of technology, the likes of additive manufacturing have come to light. 3D printing brings multiple benefits such as turnaround time being fast, more freedom in terms of design and low volume/small-batch processing and prototyping.

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