Our Guide to ABS For 3D Printing

If you’re new to 3D printing and want to leverage this innovative technology for your business, it helps to understand the essential components to make it all happen. For starters, it’s good to look into all the available materials you can use for your prints so you can choose the right one that suits your needs and budget.

One of the game-changers in the field is a technique called rapid prototyping, which is an agile strategy banking on rapid development. Here, the manufacturing and testing of 3D prototypes are done in fast turnarounds, all without sacrificing quality. 

Rapid prototyping also allows companies to enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of other prototyping methods, all the while ensuring that they have access to a viable version of the product in question. 

Such an incredible feat allows businesses to capitalise on a powerful strategy, one that enables them to keep up with changing trends and increasing competition. And here’s why it could be right for your own organisation:

Reason #1: It allows you to enjoy precise detailing, no matter the product design

Thanks to rapid prototyping, you’ll have access to a complete and detailed overview of your design, without sacrificing anything. More often than not, design teams are tasked with creating 3D images of the final product, all expected to be done error-free. 

While the digital version may look clean and precise, a working and physical model can still look different. It’s virtually impossible to know if a product design can work in the real world, but rapid prototyping allows you to get a full-scale sample of what could be manufactured—all for less. 

Reason #2: It allows your team to enjoy a speedy process

As previously mentioned, 3D samples aren’t always a guaranteed success. To ensure that models are created and translated into the physical world correctly, most businesses end up consuming an unwarranted amount of time just for samples. Unfortunately, this later affects the production process, including profit stipulations.

Thanks to rapid prototyping, however, your organisation now has access to a speedy process. Models can be provided in a short period, thereby allowing you and your team to stay on struct production schedules—and ultimately, benefit more. 

Reason #3: It ensures an efficient workflow

A rapid prototyping process’s main goal is for companies to create full-scale models of products in development. With quick access to testing samples, you’ll be able to make well-informed decisions, particularly when it comes to the overall design. You can tell right off the bat if certain products work or not, saving time and money. As a result, you’ll be able to correct and tweak the design, all before fully committing to the production. 

Empower Your Business Better

From everything said and done, rapid prototyping can be a good fit for various businesses, across all industries. Testing products will be made easier and more efficient, particularly when it comes to the testing period. Parts can easily be examined by the team and clients, and anything that needs changing can be done with ease. With a highly flexible solution in your hands, you’ll be well on your way to creating better products—and therefore, better success opportunities.

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