How to Give Your 3D Products a New Spin This Holiday Season

3D-printed products are the way of the future and can create a range of objects that can mimic quite literally anything and everything. It’s applicable across industries, from healthcare to entertainment and even everyday practical tools.

Since this technology is always evolving, it may be about time that you give your selection of 3D products an assessment, especially before the holiday orders come in. Are there further improvements that need to be made? Perhaps the printing is not quite as smooth along the edges, or there are bubbles on the surface of the printed product.

By taking the time to refresh your products with reputable 3D printing companies in the UK, you’re likely to get more positive reviews over the holiday season and a greater customer base in the coming months. Here’s a step-by-step guide to polishing up your 3D products this holiday season.

Review and Assess Your Products

Imagine that you’re the customer receiving this product for the first time in the mail. Would you be happy with its quality, or would you have hoped for something better, especially given the price point? 

You should also ask yourself how you feel about the product from a designer’s point of view. Perhaps your quick 3D print is no longer something you like as much compared to when you first designed it. It’s possible that your style may have evolved along with your skillset. 

It’s also important to consider your brand and how your products reflect it. Try categorising your products and see if they still fit into the original ones you had tagged them under when you last reviewed them. If not, then it’s time for an update and a much-needed change. 

Test Out Different Materials

If you offer your products in different materials, then it’s time to retest how each material comes out when printed. Each product should come out as expected, and if the finishes are substandard or just plain different from how they ought to be, then it’s time for a new set of prints for your products.

When printing products in different materials for customers, make sure to set their expectations on the weight, look, and feel of what they will receive. Although 3D printing can be done at a very high quality, it would be good practice to tell them to expect some minor imperfections. To eliminate these, look for a good online 3D printing shop in the UK for superior quality.

Update Product Descriptions

Updating your product descriptions to match any adjustments you made in the design or overall quality of the 3D print will make it easier for customers to find. Try adding recipient-based keywords such as friend, women, men, or even descriptors like stocking stuffers. The right keywords will help people find your products more easily.

Since you’re preparing your products for the holiday season, update your descriptions to be holiday-friendly. Adding a little bit of personality also helps connect to your customer a bit more since you’ve added an authentic touch. Make sure to use photos of the actual finished product rather than just 3D renderings, or post a video of your product to showcase all of its features!


Getting updated 3D printed products for your store just in time for the holidays is a great way to refresh your brand and take it to the next level. Looking for quality cheap 3D printing services is the best way to make sure you’re fully stocked for the holiday orders. With a combination of a high-quality product and some basic marketing skills, your 3D prints will be selling like hotcakes in no time!

Here at 3D Quick Printing, we provide high-quality FDM 3D printing all over the UK. Send in your printing data and files for a quote within the hour, and we’ll ready your product for next-day delivery. For fast and high-quality 3D printing services, get in touch with us today!

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