A Bird’s Eye View on the 3D Printing Industry Today

3D Printing has been making waves in the manufacturing industry for the past few years. It's especially gaining speeds since manufacturing plays a vital role for small business owners and manufacturers. And since 3D printing is becoming a go-to method for manufacturing, new techniques are being developed, allowing it to tap more immense business prospects.

However, just because 3D printing service is an exciting manufacturing method doesn’t mean it’ll work well with all types of businesses. You need to consider many things when you’re dealing with 3D printing, such as cost, speed, drawbacks, and compatibility with your business. 

Additionally, due to its popularity, misinformation regarding this service can be thrown around a lot, which could greatly affect how you view the service and how it can help your business. This article will give you a clear overview of what 3D printing is and its uses.

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a process wherein three-dimensional digital models are turned into physical objects using a 3D printer. The 3D printer works with a computer software that reads a digital STS file and uses a resin to render the object’s digital representation, layer by layer.

A 3D printer can use various materials, such as plastics and polymers, titanium, and more. Because of its versatility, 3D printing services can be used for different models — from sculptures to airplane components — the possibilities are endless!

The Uses of 3D Printing


3D printing was invented in 1983 and was first used to create quick models of prototypes that would create a workable model of the desired product, presented to future inventors, or test a concept. 

Since then, entrepreneurs still use 3D printing to create prototypes because it’s incredibly accessible and adaptable, helping develop new ways to utilize this service. 

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Even if 3D printers are known to be quite slow, it’s still a fantastic choice to create low-volume production of products. For example, if you’re ready to launch a certain product and the demand isn’t too high yet, you can print a small amount and test it. 

Low-volume manufacturing is common in the medical industry. Medical devices are created in small batches, tested, and redesigned for optimization before bigger productions.

Mechanical Components

3D Printers are an excellent tool for creating mechanical parts that are either for sale or personal repairs. Not only is this method perfect for small machine shops and individuals, but these printers are also being used by large companies with much larger mechanical projects. 

Thanks to 3D printing services, machine parts’ reproduction is more accessible, time-efficient, and more affordable for the masses. 

Biomedical Parts

One of the best aspects of 3D printing is print biomedical devices custom fit for specific individuals. For example, companies can use 3D printing to create custom prosthetics for amputees for a more comfortable and adequate fit for the user.

Moving forward, we see this being incredibly beneficial for the athletic industry as scientists may develop technology that could boost the performance and athletic side of the industry. This can be great for recovery and improve the overall performance of an individual. 

The Bottom Line: The Possibilities are Endless with 3D Printing

3D printing services are still gaining momentum. For that reason, there’s no stopping the manufacturing industry as developers and entrepreneurs continue to find ways to maximize this production method.

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