8 Things to Produce & Design in 2021

When it comes to 3D printing, the design possibilities you will have are endless. Not only is it confined to the manufacturing industry alone, but it can also be utilised in various sectors, such as the health, pharmaceutical, construction, retail, and even entertainment industries. Indeed, some perks and benefits come with using additive manufacturing to create three-dimensional objects out of computer-aided design (CAD) models.

If you’re wondering what valuable objects to produce and design out of 3D printing in 2021, here are bright ideas for your consideration:

Respire mask (health)

When you talk about the health sector, it immediately conjures images of people wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. As the COVID-19 crisis is still raging countries worldwide and hasn’t even shown any signs of slowing down, you may want to consider taking these masks to the next level. Why not create respire masks out of 3D printing? In doing so, you should opt for skin-friendly and easily maintained materials!

Lamp (retail design)

When it comes to retail design, you may pay particular attention to your lamp at home. Instead of spending lots of money on a portable LED lamp, you can go for one designed and printed using additive manufacturing. Just be sure to have basic electronics skills to come up with the assembly as well as install a USB-rechargeable Lithium battery and other components.

Speaker (entertainment)

As far as the entertainment industry is concerned, it’s best to take your audio products to the next level. You can create fully-printed speakers out of 3D printing, just be sure that they have the necessary electronic components, and sound great. As people spend more time indoors, quality speakers will be able to adjust better to the new normal. Ultimately, be sure to strike a balance between visual appeal and functionality!

Under-desk drawer (furniture)

In terms of furniture pieces, you can create an under-desk drawer that will allow individuals to organise their files. Whether documents or valuable items, this drawer designed and printed in three-dimension can accommodate your belongings and organise things. This will be especially useful for workers who need to adapt to a work-from-home setting.

Card wallet (finance)

Another remarkable creation is a slim card wallet made out of 3D printing to keep up to five bank cards. Whether it is your debit or credit cards, they can be inserted inside and with the press of a button at the back, you can have them slide out. What a simple yet great product to offer!

Combination locks (security)

For security purposes, you can create customisable combination padlocks for home and business owners. They can be made out of additive manufacturing consisting of flexible yet durable materials so that they aren’t easily breakable. As the number combination can be quite intricate, be sure they’re assembled with precision and creativity.

Planter (decoration)

For your home decors, why not opt for planters made of 3D printing? They can even be used for your indoor hydroponic system. Just be sure that planters are ideal enough for the plants’ growth and that they will also complement the indoor environment.

Planetarium (science)

When you were a child, you may have been amazed by planetarium objects. It’s time to create them out of additive manufacturing to continue keeping the kids excited about the cosmic creation. They can be perfect gifts for elementary students, as they spend more time learning from their homes.


At this point, you now know eight possible objects that can be produced and designed out of 3D printing—from respire to speaker to card wallet down to planetarium. Of course, these are just a few examples outlined above. Whether in the retail, manufacturing, or construction industry, your production and design choices are unlimited, allowing your creative juices to flow freely!

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