7 Skills That You Should Look For in a 3D Printing Service

3D printing, which may be referred to as additive manufacturing, can be incredibly helpful to a variety of ventures. Being able to try out several applications and attain customised parts can allow you to assess whether certain components work right for your project.

As important as production and output can be in representing a 3D printing service, it’s not the entire representation of their credibility, though. The process behind 3D printing can require so much knowledge and expertise.

A basic understanding of the technology they handle is an important foundation, but there’s so much more to it than that too. It takes a meticulous eye, capable hands, and several other skills to produce the right parts.

If you’re curious about what skills a 3D printing service should have and offer to you, continue reading.

1) Design

Design is one of the first stages of the 3D printing process, and it’s important to get it right so that the rest of the manufacturing process runs smoothly. Appearance is one aspect, but functionality is just as significant to everything. Designs should be simulated to ensure that a service isn’t sacrificing practicality for innovation.

2) Application Creation

It’s important for a 3D printing service to have a background in application engineering and creation. Knowing the process parameters and what to select for a specific application can make the difference between a working part to a faulty product. Plus, they would be able to give insight into whether that particular part would fit your needs.

3) Data Preparation

When there’s needed revision regarding the application’s process parameters or the overall design, the data preparation can be rather crucial for the project to proceed. If your 3D printing service has this specific skill, you can rest easy as they’re sure to prep and make decisions that can optimise the whole procedure to procure the needed parts.

4) Materials Science

Many materials are used in 3D printing, and there’s a reason why a specific one is chosen. Not every substance reacts the same way under the same process. As everything is dependent on the quality of these material types and how they can be reformed into the needed parts, knowledge and skills regarding materials science should come in handy.

5) System Operation

The machinery and the system that will be used for 3D printing can be quite a challenge, as there’s the created application and processing that needs attention. It’s paramount that a service provider has intensive training to efficiently operate the system and ensure a safe procedure.

6) Post-Processing

Even after the actual processing of the printed 3D parts, your printing service should still have the capabilities to undergo post-processing. Assessing the whole quality of the item and carrying out some surface finishing methods should be skills that a service provider can execute. That way, you’re getting a superb version of your needed parts.


3D printing is so multi-faceted, which is why there are so many different required skills needed. Don’t settle for anything less, as there are printing services that can reach that stellar standard that you need for your project.

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