5 Positive Effects of 3D Printing on the Design Industry

In homes, buildings, prosthetic limbs, and body parts, 3D printing has changed the design landscape. As a designer, you have probably encountered it before. It may not be commonplace just yet, but there it will likely grow in use and popularity soon.

One of the most important innovations of the modern age is 3D printing, which is the process of making three-dimensional objects from a digital file. As more people use 3D printing, it has posed some questions for the design industry. To help you answer these questions, we’ll talk about three positive effects of 3D printing on the design industry today—to help you understand the impact of 3D printing and give you an idea of what’s ahead. 

Businesses are creatively designing their own products

Before 3D printing, creating a product or model could take weeks. Thanks to 3D printing, it became possible to design a product in a matter of days. Companies are now able to create custom designs for their clients quickly and efficiently. 

One example is Nike. Back then, Nike had to create a model of their product in four to six weeks. Through 3D printing technology, they can create a model in two days. Likewise, companies can create prototypes or add new designs through 3D printing. As a designer, you can expect a faster design-to-product process.

Efficient creation and production of designs

3D printing is an accessible option for companies creating small batches of new designs. They can easily create, test, and modify these models without wasting money or time on huge-scale production. Production and design of products have become easier and more efficient. 

Additionally, designers have the time to improve their original designs without the fear of wasting effort, time, and money. As a designer, you can expect that businesses want you to test multiple prototypes before picking a final product. This will give you and the company the chance to pick the best without wasting a great deal of time and money. 

Brands are using 3D printing for design

A study by Steinar Killi, a doctoral candidate at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, larger corporations are already using 3D printing.“Major brands such as Nike, Nokia, and Ittala have already started to deliver products that are manufactured and designed using 3D printing.”

These big brands have used 3D printing to streamline their design and manufacturing process. The manufacturing process once consisted of receiving the design specifications, shipping the products for manufacturing, and selling them to the product. 3D printing has reduced the manufacturing process to two steps: designing the product and manufacturing it in-house.

As a designer, you will realise that 3D printing can attract both big brands and small. You might even find some of your clients using 3D printing to produce their designs already. There is no denying the impact it has had on the industry.


3D printing has changed the design because of its accessibility and affordability. It makes it efficient for brands to manufacture the products without the fear of wasting money or time. However, do not worry about its implications. The way designs are distributed may be changing, but designers are not going anywhere. This can only enhance the way you do business.

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