5 Jobs That Utilise 3D-Printing Technology & Knowledge

3D printing has been a significant development for many industries. It has allowed businesses to cut down the time to market, improve quality and efficiency of products, and generally to be so much more productive. For this reason, it is vital for anyone, especially students, to learn about this technology as it will change the landscape for many industries forever.

With that said, if you’ve already educated yourself with plenty of 3D printing knowledge and are looking to utilise it, there are plenty of relevant jobs out there. Here are five jobs that utilise 3D-printing technology and knowledge:

1. CAD Modeling

A CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Model is a model procured by people such as architects, drafters, artists, and so on to create precise, technical illustrations for particular objects. This model is created through software to produce a 2D or a 3D model.

With 3D printing introduced, it is vital that, if you are to work creating CAD Models, you’ll also be converting them into blueprints that 3D printers need to create physical models.

2. Education

As the use of 3D printing grows more among industries, businesses are on the lookout for people with thorough knowledge of this subject matter.

With that, schools are also on the lookout for experts who can educate their students about 3D printing. They are also hiring people with plenty of knowledge and experience behind 3D printing to teach the different aspects of this technology.

3. Legal Professions

3D printing is also prone to plenty of legal issues. For example, some might file for copyright issues, while others could deal with other Intellectual Property (IP) rights.

That said, lawyers and other legal professionals dealing with IP rights will benefit from the knowledge of the 3D printing industry, how it works, and so on to create more robust and relevant arguments to win the case for their clients.

4. Research and Development

Research and development (R&D) has always been an integral part of many businesses. Some companies say that most of their budget goes into researching and developing new technologies, products, services, and so on.

Fortunately, with 3D printing, you can cut down significantly the cost and time it takes to research and to develop new products. 3D-printing knowledge will be essential for anyone working in R&D, allowing them to create a higher-quality, more relevant product—items with packed features and free of faults.

5. Architecture

Industries such as this are quite obviously going to benefit from 3D-printed models. After all, those working here are already creating their models utilising all sorts of materials, such as foam.

With 3D printing technology, you can create models based on digital versions that are much more accurate, depicting what the real-world project would look like more effectively than a hand-made model will.

The Takeaway

3D printing has changed the landscape of many industries, creating more job opportunities. It has given them many advantages, such as cost reduction, higher-quality outputs, more consumer-driven production, and so on.

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