3D printing in Education

3D printing is now an established technology used for prototyping and manufacturing products and components across a range of industries. It already has applications in many areas of everyday life. Here at the West Midlands fasting growing 3D printing service bureau we’re seeing more and more inquiries from educational establishments.

These include Universities, colleges and even lower schools. What we’re finding is that equipping pupils of all ages to understand this growing technology will be important to help them prepare for a world of technological advancements. When they start their chosen careers in industry or otherwise they’ll understand what 3D printing technology suits them best. It’s becoming common place now that all leading blue chip companies use 3D printing from a 3D printing service bureau or they’ll have a machine in house.

3D Quick Printingare very active in supporting education by offering discounted rates for our 3D printing service from a student who is actively studying. We offer advice on the best material and how we can save time and material cost by adopting best practice techniques. We also offer the convenience of using PayPal rather than a bank transfer and free of charge postage costs. By using our 3D printing service throughout their University or College we hope that a happy and satisfied customer promotes our 3D printing service to other students who have a need for 3D printing too.

Maximum of 5 files
30MB total combined size
Always include file extension

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