3D Printing Service – 3D Printed Tennis Racquet

Now Wimbledon is over we can all look forward to the Semi Finals and the Final of the World Cup but please spare a thought for the guys who design the next generation of tennis racquets.

The tennis racquet manufacturer of choice, Prince Sports has been using 3D printing to ensure every effort is made to improve the performance of their range of tennis rackets.

Working closely with a 3D printing servicebureau, Prince Sports wanted to prove the design of a number of features that were part of the racquet profile. A 3D printedfull scale aesthetic model was produced on a Stratasys Polyjet 3D printer. This technology was chosen for its strength and feature detail capture where the material mimicked Polypropylene.

For Prince Sports the early testing of this particular crucial feature led to improved performance of the new design reducing the energy absorbed into the racquet releasing more energy to the ball whilst also decreasing fatigue to the player. Once the 3D printing service bureau  delivered the samples it gave the designers the confidence knowing that the design was correct.

ForPrince Sports, the 3D printed racquet assisted in the development of this new product not only for the appearance but how it functioned in the hands of the tennis player. It’s also fair to say, as they hope to continually improve their products they’ll be using a 3D printing service again.


Maximum of 5 files
30MB total combined size
Always include file extension

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