What to Know About 3D Phone Case Printing

Getting a case for your phone can be a hassle, but making your own customised 3D phone case will definitely make that far less stressful! The possibilities are endless, thanks to all the designing software that's come out over the years. At that point, the limit in terms of design is practically bound to what your imagination can muster. Of course, when 3D printing objects comes up in conversation, the natural thing people wonder about next is the timing.

How Long Does Printing A 3D Phone Case Take?

In truth, it shouldn’t really take more than a few hours if the design is basic! If it’s colourless or just has one colour and the material is thin, then the timeline will be well within two or three hours. However, there’s no customisation involved with this option.

Needless to say, heavier material and intricate or particularly detailed designs will take more time. If there are extra colours, if the material is thicker and when texture comes into play, printing will take quite some time.

Does The 3D Printer Type Matter At All?

Yes, the 3D printer you use affects the printing process and how quickly it goes by. Thicker materials will mean better phone protection, but it slows the printing process down considerably. While thinner materials will speed things along when it comes to printing, they are more prone to breakage down the line.

What Are the Main Factors That Affect Printing Time?

  • Case material in use
  • Colours
  • Materials
  • Design (and any complexity, if applicable)
  • Printer capability
  • Texture

Another one is whether a single case is printed or multiples are involved. Let’s explore this more in-depth:


As previously mentioned, printing time increases the more colours are added. Printers require one colour to be produced at a time, with drying time between each hue. That means if there are seven colours (even if two or three of them are just outlines or details), there will be a need for seven print-and-dry runs.

Materials For the Cases

When it comes to materials, a 3D phone case can involve several of them. The most popular ones include, but are not limited to:

1. ABS

It will probably take longer to print
Makes for a sturdy phone case


Easy to print on
Usually an ABS and PLA mix

3. PLA

Ideal for 3D desktop printing
More on the thinner side

4. TPU

Similar to rubber

Number Of Cases To Be Printed

Printing ten cases will take far longer than printing one case, even if the printing time for each case is lower. Unlike usual printing practices where bulk printing makes things go faster, for 3D phone cases, more prints at once means a longer wait.


Everyone loves a good phone case, but the best ones are easily those that can be custom-made. What better way to have a personalised phone case than getting one 3D printed? Simple designs take hours while more detailed ones can take longer. Whether the material is thick or thin will also be a factor.

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