3 Compelling Reasons to Use 3D Print Packaging Prototypes

There's no denying that packaging sells the product. For this reason, even the simplest product concept now requires a packaging prototype to allow investors and stakeholders to see what form it might take before launching it in the market.

Without a tangible prototype, it can be pretty difficult to evaluate and assess how a packaging design will appeal to consumers before it hits the shelves. And unfortunately, producing ones can be costly and time-consuming using the traditional prototyping methods.

But as luck may have it, there’s another way to finish a complete product model without having to shell out tons of money, effort and time on prototyping—that is, through 3D printing. And if you’re quite curious what other advantages this technique offers in product manufacturing, here are three good reasons you must consider it as a prototyping solution.

1. Accelerates Process through Rapid Prototyping

In general, rapid prototyping refers to the quick fabrication of physical parts and models through 3D computer-aided design (CAD). This technology allows companies to design several moulds for manufacturing prototypes quickly, easily and economically.

In a way, this also helps expedite the early stage of product development, as there’s no need to undergo plastic or metal processing techniques to create a tangible result. Through 3D printing, you can straightforwardly breathe life into the prototype in a matter of hours, unlike traditional means that takes several days or weeks.

2. Enables You to Reduce Plastic Waste Pollution

Let’s face it; product and packaging manufacturing often yield high amounts of plastic waste. In the trial and error process alone, dozens of rejected plastic models usually end up in garbage bins after a presentation.

Fortunately, with 3D printing, you create environmentally friendly packaging. This technology uses sustainable bioplastic materials, which is recyclable into a 3D printer for a new product. This minimises the amount of plastic waste your company generates and saves you lots of money in buying printing materials.

3. Allows for Ease of Customisation in Prototyping

3D printing technology enables you to create just about anything and everything. This makes it easier to breathe life into unconventional designs that have never been done before. The only thing you will need is a sketch, and you can effortlessly produce a tangible prototype using a 3D printer.

In addition, this also opens up new opportunities for your company. With 3D printing, you can accept customised or personalised packaging requests from your customers. And as we all know, custom-made products are all the rage today. Hence, this undertaking has the potential to rake in more profit for your company.


Truth be told, there have been lots of buzz going around about the usefulness of 3D printing in revolutionising the packaging industry. However, there are only a few firms that have given this strategy a go. Thus, if you’re thinking of taking your product and packaging development process to the next level, it would be helpful to consider this option. And given the myriad of benefits it offers, you’ll find that this simple change can be a worthwhile investment for your company’s growth.

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