10 Great 3D Printed Home Decor to Place in Your Home

Do you have a 3D printer on your hands? If so, you can now decorate your house with 3D printed items! These printers today have given many home-decor enthusiasts the ability to think of new ideas, print them out, and use them right away! Even if you don't have this printer at home, you can send your schematics to any professional 3D printing service to do it for you.

Here are ten unique items that you should print to add more to your space.

1 – Headphone Stand
Are you annoyed that your headset is getting in the way of your productivity by laying on the table? With this solution, you won’t have to anymore! You can look at many different models online and design one that fits your needs!

2 – Self-Watering Planter
If you only want to make one item out of this list, this is the one item recommended for you to do. If you ever find yourself neglecting your home plants, this item will take care of watering them for you. You won’t have to worry about watering your plants, and your plants get watered!

3 – Lattice Bowl
If you require an attractive shape to populate your kitchen with, the lattice bowl is for you! This bowl is the perfect place to store your fruits. Be aware that when your printer gets to work, you should watch out for any sharp edges and pointy corners.

4 – Wall Mount for Amazon Echo Dot
The Amazon Echo Dot is one of the more popular gadgets to have at home. We wouldn’t be surprised if you already have one yourself! Mount this device on the wall so that it can listen in to every word you have to say.

5 – Hex Drawers
Hex drawers are a perfect DIY solution because of its simple shape, great storage, and stackable design. Print out as many as you need and clip them together. You can add variety by printing out different colours and lengths.

6 – Secret Shelf
If you’re looking for a place to hide your favourite piece of candy, print yourself a secret shelf. Have the shelf work usually but with a built-in pocket at the base to protect your valuable snack!

7 – Spiral Vase
The spiral vase is an elegant piece of art where you can store your pencils and flowers. This vase is also an excellent test to see if your computer can handle rendering complex geometry.

8 – Curved Honeycomb Vase
If you need a little more extravagant vase to place your flowers, consider the curved honeycomb vase. With its geometrically-striking design, it will radiate in any setting.

9 – Stationary Holder
If you have a cluster of pens and pencils lying around, make yourself a holder! Create a fun-looking container to hold all your valuable writing tools. You can create different heights for the holders to organize smaller and bigger objects. Get creative with the colour as well to fully customize it to your liking.

10 – Key Holder
If you’ve been misplacing your key often at home, get yourself a wall-mounted key holder! You won’t forget these small objects ever again. You can even use it to hang clothes, belts, towels, and many other items. To mount it on the wall, you can drill it in or use mounting tape.

If you’re looking for a 3D printing service, get in touch with us today to see how we can help today!

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