Five Reasons Why Our Cheap 3D Printer Service Is Perfect For You

3D printing has revolutionised design with its ability to create almost instant prototypes and products from a computerised format. At 3D Quick Printing, we’re passionate about helping everyone to create the models of their dreams with our cheap 3D printer machines.

The improvements in CAD designing has made it easier than ever to see your designs from every angle possible; but nothing beats having a physical product to hold and scrutinise. Here’s how easy it is to create rapid 3D printed products with us:

  1. Get your file: All we need to start the process is an .stl file. Once you’ve got this, we can use our embedded software to slice all the layers of your product accurately.
  2. Choose your colour: While our standard colour is ivory, we can also provide eight other colours to ensure your product looks the part.
  3. Speedy production: Our 3D printers can churn out your products and have them delivered to you within 48 hours.
  4. Your 3D printing company: We’re constantly growing with the industry and can help you as a product designer or engineer with all your studio’s needs.
  5. Display and enjoy: Once you’ve got your design in your hand, you can hone your ideas with a strong, physical product.

To find out more about our 3D printing service, get in touch with us today.