3D Scanning Service

3DQP Scanning Service

3DQP now offer a quick turnaround scanning service, this collects date from an original part and will collect date to produce an STL file ready for the next step that would be to be 3D printed or used to compare other CAD data.
The speed that we can create this sort of quality data is a huge advancement in the prototyping and are being used more and more.

What is 3D Scanning used for?

When a detailed model with many faces is the subject and to make a CAD file would be challenging, 3DQP can quickly create a mesh through scanning that can then be used in a wide range of applications such as tool making, to create models, 3D printing, quality inspection and reverse engineering to name just a few some.

Who uses 3D Scanning?

The benefits of 3D scanning are widely recognised within a range of industry sectors including Aerospace, Research and Development, Automotive, Film Industry, Investment Castings, Sculpture/Arts, Forensic Archaeology, Medical, Animation, Tool making, Product Design and Product Development.

Benefits of our 3D Scanning?

  • Rapid turnaround
  • Cheap
  • Contract free
  • High end specification
  • Professional specification
  • Huge range of applications

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