3D Printing Services in Wolverhampton

3D Quick Printing -- Wolverhampton's 3D Printing Solution

Nylon. Plastics. Carbon. Rubber. Who knew there could be so many raw materials available for 3D printing?

At 3D Quick Printing Wolverhampton, we're well aware of the possibilities available through 3D printing. That's why we offer our customers such a vast pool of raw printing materials to choose from. Whether you need a solid, heavy duty plastic product or a rubber-based 3D printed injection mold, we can nearly guarantee we'll have whatever material your product requires.

3D Printed Injection Molds

Perhaps you're familiar with standard injection molding. If so, you'll probably understand that injection molding is the quickest way to print plastic parts. But injection molding is expensive. What's more, traditional injection molding makes after-the-fact changes nearly impossible. Enter 3D printed injection molds, just one of the many solutions offered here at 3D Quick Printing Services Wolverhampton. With 3D print injections, you can minimise the overall production cost while maximising the product's turnaround time. What's more, you'll eliminate some of the difficulty in making corrections to the prototype, as 3D printed injection molds can handle multiple revisions at various stages in the printing process.


Materials That Fit Your Project Need

3D Quick Printing's vast selection of printing materials ensures we have a solution for you. ABS plastic, flex rubber, nylon with carbon, PLA plastic and PETG are just some of the raw materials at our disposal. Our informative professionals can help you decide which material is right for your specific 3D print job. We'll guide you through each step of the printing process, and are available to assist you from idea conception to CAD rendering to product printing on our state-of-the-art 3D printing equipment.

Reach Out

Selecting the right material on which to print your 3D project is one of the harder steps in the 3D printing process. Choosing the right 3D printing partner is the easiest. Let 3D Quick Printing guide you. Call us at 02475 018131 today.