3D Printing Services in Wigan

3D Printing Services in Wigan

So you've got a product idea. Something exciting -- revolutionary, perhaps? -- that will totally rock this world. You are certain that if you prototype this idea, people will fall in love. But there's just one problem: You're not a product designer by profession. You have no experience producing a 3D product, let alone the know-how to bring it to life.

Whether you're a novice to the product design world, or a seasoned professional, you'll want the services of 3D Quick Printing Wigan on your side.

We're Here to Help

For more than four years, 3D Quick Printing Services Wigan has been providing the U.K. with quick, quality 3D printing services that are par none. Our team of professionals, which include engineers, CAD designers and other 3D printing specialists, are available year-round to assist anyone who has an idea that can be printed on a 3D machine. Our in-house specialised 3D printing equipment can handle projects large and small. We offer a variety of fine 3D printing materials for our customers to choose from, including ABS and PLA plastics, as well as nylon, carbon and rubber.

Affordable CAD Design

Before your product even hits our 3D printers, our team can assist you in designing a CAD rendering of your idea. With merely a description, our CAD designers can create an .STL file that will be used by our machines to create your printed prototype. Already have a two-dimensional sketch of your envisioned product? Awesome! We'll use it to guide us in the creation of your .STL file. Already a pro with your own .STL file? Right on! We'll get started on your 3D printing and have your product prototype to you within 48 hours.


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Whether you're a complete novice with a mere idea floating in your head, or a seasoned professional needing quick, affordable 3D prototype, 3D Quick Printing has your solution. Reach us by calling 02475 018131 today..