Best 3D Printing Service in Midlands

Professional 3D Printing in the Midlands

As a professional designer, you understand the complexity of product design. One of the most frustrating aspects of launching a new product is the time it takes to bring a concept to reality. You want fast and reliable product printing, but the costs associated with production is often way out of reach. Injection molding may be too burdensome for a small business or startup like yours. Fortunately, 3D Quick Printing Midlands can help launch your new product in rapid time at far less cost.

3D Printed Injection Molds

The secret to obtaining top-quality product printing can be found in 3D printed injection molds. As part of the 3D Quick Printing Services Midlands offerings, we can print a 3D mold that can be filled with a variety of raw materials to quickly produce your product. While traditional injection molding can cost an enormous amount of money, 3D printed injection molds often cost far less. What's more, 3D injection molds can easily be fixed once a mistake is found. Compare that with the often cumbersome process of fixing a traditional injection mold and you'll discover why a number of entrepreneurs and designers are forgoing the traditional method for 3D printed injections.


Material Variety

3D Quick Printing is proud to offer a wide selection of raw materials that can be used in printing your project. Whether your product calls for a sturdy, solid material like ABS, or you're in need of a soft yet durable flex prototype, we can meet your 3D printing needs. Our selection of top-rate printing machines are even capable of printing nylon and rubber, something nearly impossible in the not-so-distant past.

Launch Your Project Today

There's a reason top brands like the BBC and Jaguar have utilised 3D Quick Printing's services. We promise fast, speedy printing -- in 48 hours or less -- using the finest techniques and materials in the 3D printing world. Discover how we can assist you. Call 02475 018131 or email today.